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40th Annual US Go Congress 2024

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Welcome to Portland State University Summer Housing & Conferences

Registration closes 11:59pm PST, Friday June 28, 2024!

Use this website to reserve a residence hall room at Portland State University between July 13th and July 21st for the 40th Annual US Go Congress 2024. Rooms can be used for one or two people and all come with twin beds, dressers, desks, and desk chairs. 3 night minimum stay is required to reserve a room. Ondine Hall ($63/night): units include a private bathroom and no kitchenette.

Linens: Rooms do not include linens. Linen packs are available for an additional cost.

Amenities Bar soap, toilet paper, and trash bags are provided to all guests. Rooms are cleaned before and after your stay. Housekeeping is not provided during your stay. Lamps and fans are included, but the rooms are not air conditioned. Guests are able to access the campus network via WiFi. The campus recreation center will also be available for use.

Additional Needs To reserve an ADA accessible room with roll-in shower, please contact us at or 503-725-4336 to confirm availability prior to reserving a room. All ADA rooms are located in Broadway Hall and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Cancellation and Refund Policy Cancellation requests must be emailed to Payments are non-refundable. See our Summer Housing & Conferences Handbook & Policy page for more information.

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Available Options

Linen/Bath PackageLinen PackUnlimitedUnlimited$54.00
MealsDinner 7/13UnlimitedUnlimited$13.65
MealsBreakfast 7/14UnlimitedUnlimited$10.25
MealsLunch/Brunch 7/14UnlimitedUnlimited$11.55
MealsDinner 7/14UnlimitedUnlimited$13.65
MealsBreakfast 7/15UnlimitedUnlimited$10.25
MealsLunch 7/15UnlimitedUnlimited$11.55
MealsDinner 7/15UnlimitedUnlimited$13.65
MealsBreakfast 7/16UnlimitedUnlimited$10.25
MealsLunch 7/16UnlimitedUnlimited$11.55
MealsDinner 7/16UnlimitedUnlimited$13.65
MealsBreakfast 7/17UnlimitedUnlimited$10.25
MealsLunch 7/17 UnlimitedUnlimited$11.55
MealsDinner 7/17UnlimitedUnlimited$13.65
MealsBreakfast 7/18UnlimitedUnlimited$10.25
MealsLunch 7/18UnlimitedUnlimited$11.55
MealsDinner 7/18UnlimitedUnlimited$13.65
MealsBreakfast 7/19UnlimitedUnlimited$10.25
MealsLunch 7/19UnlimitedUnlimited$11.55
MealsDinner 7/19UnlimitedUnlimited$13.65
MealsBreakfast 7/20UnlimitedUnlimited$10.25
MealsBrunch 7/20UnlimitedUnlimited$11.55
MealsDinner 7/20UnlimitedUnlimited$13.65
MealsBreakfast 7/21UnlimitedUnlimited$10.25